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Live life. Enjoy life. Eat well.

You are what you eat.
You will become what you eat.
Eat and drink joy and kindness every day.

Have you ever noticed how everyone always seems to gather in the kitchen when you have a get-together?

It's something primal.
We love being together.

Perhaps the security that comes from sharing food triggers an old embedded memory that we have done well. We have enough food for today and can nourish our bodies and spirits so they are ready for a new day tomorrow.

This gorgeous paperback book will amaze you as your confidence in the kitchen explodes because you will know some of the most fundamental aspects of cooking that will make you look like a pro in minutes, not years!

Beautifully photographed, clearly written and with anecdotes in the joyful spirit you have come to know from watching our show.

Pumpkins, Pumpkins Everywhere!

Feeding Body, Mind and Soul
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    Feeding Body, Mind and Soul
    How What Goes In Changes Everything

  • Everything is energy. From the food you eat to the shows you watch, the music yopu listen to and the people you surround yourself with, everything that you let into your life affects you.

  • Learn what some of today's most amazing thinkers have to say about the correlation between food and your ability to succeed.

    Experts like John Gray ("Venus On Fire, Mars On Ice"), Marci Shimoff (Happy For No Reason"), Jim Kwik (Kwik Learning), Janet Attwood (The Passion Test"), Max Simon ("Get Self Centered") and many more shine the light on this subject.

  • This is a book you won't be able to put down.
    Lively conversations with some of today's greatest thinkers are presented in interview format. It's one of those books you will want to share with everyone you know. Watch the lights go on and your life change dramatically overnight - forever! There is no other book like this.

Cooking With Anton is your oasis of joy.

Come back to the table and rediscover the joy of eating with family, friends and loved ones.

Cooking is not another chore in your day, but the excuse you've been searching for to reclaim time for yourself - through the kitchen!

Relax. Enjoy.
And while you're at it, we'll teach you a few rediculously simple and fabulous things you can do in your kitchen that will make you look like a 5-star chef - without the pain!

With gratitude comes abundance

Food should integrate,
Never intimidate.

I am the third generation in a restaurant family.
My grandmother's home and café was a chalet actually inside the 1936 Olympic Stadium in the Bavarian Alps.

My mother's restaurant, Gretl's, was one of the most famous restaurants in Aspen, Colorado in the 60's and 70's.

Princes, movie stars, moguls and simple folk all became her friends. The atmosphere there was so incredible that everyone wanted to be at Gretl's or to work at Gretl's. If you walked in feeling lousy, you always walked out feeling absolutely spectacular!

It was here we learned the importance of creating a place where the playing field was level, regardless of one's background or means...
...and the kitchen and a table were always the key.

"The table is the single most important piece of furniture in a house."

When my mother got breast cancer, my family and I moved back to Aspen to take care of her. The first thing she did was buy a table and chairs for our home.

When we said she didn't need to do that she insisted that "Yes, as a matter of fact I do! The table is the single most important piece of furniture in a house - taking precedence even over a bed! It is the glue that holds a family and friends together."

It was our kitchen and our table that got us through hard times and it is our kitchen and our table that are always at the center of our joy and celebrations as well.

Come join me with my family and friends as we open our doors to you and share the huge joy that can be found in the kitchen and at the table.

Come on in.
Today we're Cooking with Anton!

The holidays are upon us! Check out our recipes for delicious Bavarian Christmas cookies here.
Hot spiced wine and cider here!

Anton's Signature Rainbow Salad

Don't have time for your fruits and vegetables?

Minor adjustments in your eating and exercise habits can have a major impact on your life!

Do you want:
  • more energy
  • better sleep
  • clearer thinking
  • calmer nerves
  • greater fitness
  • youthful libido
  • happiness

Find simple answers to these and many other questions in Anton's book,
Feeding Body, Mind and Soul-
How What Goes In Changes Everything

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Anton at age 56

The last thing you need in your life is more stress! I want to share my vision of the kitchen to show you how simple and fun cooking can be. Relaxing and rejeuvenating.

Take in a deep breath and let the smells from the kitchen remind you there is an oasis of peace in this hectic world.

Pull up a chair. Break off some bread. Look in my eyes and let's talk.

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