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Holiday Specials

The holidays are upon us!
Summer time and our spirits are high.
Let the joy of the season come through in your food and friends.
Heat up the cider and the hort spiced wine!
Bake Oma's Bavarian cookies!
Gather with friends and family by the fire!

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Guest Appearances: Health: Holidays: Cookies: Pets: Special Tips:
...and a few videos from the early days!
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Seasonal: vegetables:
Videos are worth a thousand words.

Cooking With Anton As we slowly build the site, we will be adding videos of all the recipes and tips that will be included in Anton's forthcoming cookbook,
"Cooking With Anton - Book 1 - The Basics."

Also forthcoming is Anton's book,
"The Millionaire's Diet - Eating For Success", including 24 interviews with some of the nation's leading personal development trainers and coaches showing you how what you eat can directly affect the amount of success in your life.

This website makes it possible for those outside the broadcast area to view Cooking With Anton.

Patricia Faust talks about the orphans of Kazakhstan, the food they get, and her son, also named Anton, in this 2 part video.

Anton's guest, Anton Faust (originally from from Kazakhstan), shows us how to make Udon Noodles and Vegetables which he learned to make from Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution in this 2 part video.

My mother, Gretl, was well-known for the apple strudel she served baked fresh daily at 10,800 ft. on Aspen Mountain. Princes, kings, movie stars, world leaders and regualr folk all loved Gretl and the joyful atmosphere at the restaurant she operated from 1966-1980.

Thanks, Mom!

Anton gives us a bit of his history and about the show, his Mom's restaurant, his set design career, shows off the kitchen and house and more in a video interview with Jillian on her website Aspen Real Life.

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Even before we had professional filming equipment, we were having a blast making great videos!
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Don't have time for your fruits and vegetables?
Here's a fast and easy way to get the nutrition that you may be missing.

Science has shown us how getting full-nutritional value from our foods can help with everything from cancer to acne.

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Anton at age 56

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